3D Laser

The 3D Laser is a 3D-printed laser technology that is fully customizable. It uses an additive manufacturing process that allows for a reduced cost product with advanced features such as weight reduction and a compact uni-body laser.

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4 Pillars

4Pillars is a cloud-based quality improvement platform that provides clinicians with a step-by-step guide to assist in the implementation of evidence-based quality improvement programs.

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A portable and wearable sensor for Physical Therapy patients that utilizes a research-based assessment system to evaluate patients, prevent injuries, and achieve good patient outcomes.

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Aeronics: Medipod

Medipod is an oxygen delivery system that stores a one-hour supply of medical-grade oxygen in an easy-to-carry aluminum soda can providing greater convenience and mobility to COPD patients.

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Aeronics: Redipod

Redipod is a portable, lightweight, and low pressure oxygen delivery system for first responders, military personnel, and athletes. It uses porous materials to store a one-hour supply of medical-grade oxygen in an easy-to-carry aluminum soda can.

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A specialized prosthetic sock liner that provides enhanced moisture permeability preventing sweat buildup all day long and improving comfort for the amputee.

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Worn like a belt around the abdomen, the BreathEnergizer is a self-powered wearable breathing sensor system.  The data is sent directly to a smartphone app to help achieve correct and optimal breathing performance. 

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Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics provides a sensor for baseball players that brings data and motion analysis to players of all ages and skills. Their revolutionary sensor-based analytics technology takes the guess work out of bat speed, hand speed, and approach angle

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Emotion Prosthetics- Purrr

Purrs is a wearable device with a mobile app that provides real-time monitoring and active on-command control of stress.

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An easy-to-swallow, self-expanding device that protects the patient from aspiration during intubation and surgery.

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Expressive Painimation

Expressive Painimation is a novel technology-based pain assessment tool that uses abstract animations to help patients communicate their pain experience

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Fiber Optic Light Cable Safety Cover

The Fiber Optic Light Cable Safety Cover is a cord cap that eliminates the risk of burns and fires in the operating room during endoscopic procedures by providing a passive heat and light shield whenever the cable and endoscope are separated.

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InSitu provides an innovative synthetic vascular graft for surgeons that addresses thrombosis and infection problems for peripheral artery bypass.

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InterPhase Materials

Interphase Materials provides a nontoxic technology that is formulated for coating and surface treatments.  The specialty chemicals and advanced materials are used in anti-microbial, anti-fouling, medical implant, and anti-corrosion applications. 
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Invisible Shield

Invisible Shield is a novel new security mechanism for smartphones. This technology authenticates a user based on how they hold, touch or move the device.

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Layer Up

Layer Up is a novel coating for implants, initially targeting surgical mesh that prevents rejection and complications.

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The Mobility Enhancement Robotic Wheelchair (MEBot) is a robotic-powered wheelchair that tackles challenging terrain, provides optimal maneuvering in constrained areas, senses and climbs steps, and prevents tips/falls.

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Multi-Functional Proppant

The Multi-functional Proppant is a technology using a proppant that removes and captures contaminants in hydraulic frac water reducing the cost and steps to clean the frac water. 

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NLP Platform

The NLP Platform is a research and clinical tool that combines novel text-visualizations to help users develop their own Natural Language Processing models for analysis of unstructured data.

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OneValue is a technology that provides a novel heart prosthesis for heart valve replacement that is non-thrombogenic, durable, and capable of reducing the risk of calcification and endocarditis.

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PerioMag GBR

PerioMag GBR is a dental barrier membrane that harnesses the power of magnesium to provide faster, less expensive and less painful bone regeneration.

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PerQ is a minimally invasive transcatheter system for patients who are ineligible for open heart surgery that bypasses coronary arteries, promotes quick recovery and minimal vessel damage.

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The RESCUE Stent is a novel fully retrievable stent with a radiofrequency (RF) positioning system for rapid control of traumatic hemorrhage in non-compressible regions, such as the chest and abdomen.

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Toposystems is a surface technology that tackles the issues of wastewater fouling by providing a method to increase filtration efficiency and decrease cleaning costs.  

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TripleNote is an easy-to-use instructional app for research data collection designed for students, faculty, and data supervisors. The convenient app manages research data with embedded guidance and built-in safeguards to ensure consistency and validity. 

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Western Oncolytics

With novel immunotherapy the lead WO-12 therapy at Western Oncolytics Ltd is an immuno-oncolytic virus that has the potential to treat a wide range of cancer with limited side effects.

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Working For Kids: Building Skills

Working for Kids is an educational platform to teach professionals how to boost cognitive and social emotional skills in children through education on brain development using simple language and communication tools.

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