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Is your lab or department working on an innovation with commercial potential? Are you looking for funding to help you advance towards commercialization?


Faculty Only: Please complete the form to get started. Applications are now being accepted for 2020.

The Pitt Ventures Student Challenge can help you develop a pitch about your innovation and compete for funding with the help of an entrepreneurial student.

If you don't have an Entrepreneurial student, we can help you find one.
 $60,000 in total awards.

The Pitt Ventures Student Challenge requires students to develop a business model and investor pitch for your innovation, while simultaneously giving them these benefits.  

What are the benefits to you as Faculty?

• Financial awards of over $60,000 (awarded to the participating department)

• Feedback on your commercialization strategy from business professionals and investors

• Exposure to the local business community


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Pitt Faculty Encourage YOUR Students to Participate.


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Entrepreneurial Students Represent your PITT Technology or IDea.


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The student is paired with a Business Mentor That Guides them in the commercial potential of your research.