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Steel City Startups

Join us for our annual event highlighting startups from throughout the greater city of Pittsburgh! Hear TEDx style presentations from Pitt and CMU innovators and learn about how they were motivated to pursue commercialization, what path they are taking, and the challenges they’ve faced.

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Asha Banks-1

Asha Banks, CEO & Founder of Cheernotes

Asha founded Cheernotes in 2019 in response to a long-time frustration with options available to authentically connect with family and friends through greeting cards. She is a recent Carnegie MBA graduate with a background in engineering and management consulting in the manufacturing industry. 

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Kunal Gandhi 

Kunal Gandhi, CEO & Founder of SimpL

SimpL is a fitness company that analyzes exercise form in real-time using computer vision to prevent athlete injury and maximize your time in the gym. After analyzing your form, SimpL’s AI assistant will recommend workouts tailored and specific to your needs using machine learning. 

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 Valeria Green

Valeria Green, CEO & Founder of CHELA Marketplace

CHELA Marketplace supports local communities through their mission of helping independent designers succeed. They connect consumers who value high-quality products directly with local minimal, edgy designers.

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Daniel Hack

Daniel Hack, CEO & Founder of Convertsation

Daniel (Dan) Hack is a Senior in the Science and Humanities Scholar Program at Carnegie Mellon University. He is double majoring in Technology and Public Policy, and Policy and Management. Dan is passionate about improving discourse online. Dan believes that some of the world's most complicated issues can be solved by synthesizing the best aspects of differing perspectives on a matter.

Convertsation enables students to have informative, open-minded conversations, using an AI-enhanced platform designed to promote healthy & productive discourse in the classroom.

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Where:  Zoom, please register to obtain Zoom info
When: Thursday, November 12, 2020, 5 p.m.
Who Can Attend?  All students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members



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