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Pitt faculty and student innovators are eager to see their research and ideas make an impact on the world. For that reason, we welcome support, expertise and collaboration opportunities with people and organizations outside the university. We encourage you to explore how you and/or your organization can plug into the Pitt innovation ecosystem.

Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or investor looking for a technology to license, or your company is interested in sponsoring or collaborating on research to solve a problem or develop new products, the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship can help you make the right connections.

We also rely on our alumni and friends who have experience in a particular market or can offer assistance in a specialty area such as marketing, finance, or engineering, to help foster budding innovators at Pitt through mentorship. 

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OIE is creating a strong mentor network matching industry professionals with Pitt entrepreneurial teams year-round. Guide innovative ideas based on your expertise – mentorship is voluntary and flexible in time commitment. Join us in shaping the future! 


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