Fourth Gear

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Upcoming Cohort 

Where: LifeX at 2730 Sidney St., Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

When: July 12, Cohort meets 9-11 a.m. (Six sessions over eight weeks ending Sep 6, 2019)


Weekly Office Hours
(30 minutes by phone)
Schedule established in conjunction with teams at the first session of each cohort. 

A week before the first session, a syllabus is sent to the teams, mentors are introduced, and the expectation for the first session's presentation is outlined. 

Fourth Gear Testimonials




I had my hands in too many things. Fourth Gear led me to think more about product vision and make connections with the big clients and investors. [READ MORE] 
-Jordan Lippman, ISA Learning


Jordan Lippman, ISA Learning

The Fourth Gear program combines innovators' passions with core business basics that drive growth.  This building of form, at an early stage, was a tremendously helpful experience for us.

-Brian S. Jeon, CEO

We found that listening to the other program participants and mentors was very valuable.  Even though we all had unique business domains and were in different stages of business development, there were common threads in the conversations that gave us insights.
-Heather and David Wechter, Owners of tribepool, LLC


In The News


Pitt's Innovation Institute Program Mentors Young Companies As They Begin To Grow, Kris B. Mamula, June 18, 2016

Overview of Fourth Gear

Pitt Ventures Fourth Gear is an opportunity for early-stage small businesses in the Western Pennsylvania region.

The program gives you hands-on guidance and mentorship, taking you and your team through the necessary steps to refine your go-to-market plan, based on deep customer discovery and value proposition definition process.


Coordinated by the Innovation Institute, our affiliated Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence and local angel investment groups, Fourth Gear is offered twice a year.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and applicants will be screened and interviewed to determine suitability for the program.

Fourth Gear teams typically consist of a technology lead (CTO or CSO), entrepreneurial lead (President, CEO or COO), and a business mentor(s) who work together to understand their customers, the market and the value their innovation provides for customers and investors. We can connect you with a mentor.

The 6 workshops culminate in an opportunity to refine and deliver your business pitch and fine tune your business.

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