Chancellor's Gap Fund

The Goal of the CHancellor's Gap Funds is To promote an increase in the quantity and quality of  research Discoveries that can be translated into Commercial opportunities That Can impact people's lives.

Chancellor Gallagher has provided $1M for funding research projects where key proof of concept experiments and data can make a significant difference to the commercial and social impact of a technology, idea or innovation.

Approximately 3-5 awards of $25,000 to $75,000 per Cycle will be granted.

The current round of gap funding is now closed.  Please fill out the form on this page to express your interest in future funding rounds.

Spring 2022 Awardees

Markus Chmielus, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
“Reusable and Self-sterilizing 3D Printed HEPA Metal Filters”

Development of a 3D printed porous metal filter that can be reused, sterilizes itself, is easily recyclable, and can be adapted to various filtration needs, from personal protection in masks, to room-based air filtration or large HVAC systems.

Chris Connaboy, Assistant Professor, Sports Medicine and Nutrition
“PACE-RTP: Perception-Action Coupling Evaluation for Return To Play”

Many sports have introduced concussion diagnosis protocols. This project aims to reduce assessment time to between 2-5 minutes from the current period of 15 minutes.

Steven Little, Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering
" YouBiotics: Personalized Probiotics for Weight Management

This project seeks to help people manage weight by engineering their own microbiota to consume fat and re-administers the engineered bacteria as a probiotic supplement.

 Catherine Palmer, Professor, Communication Science and Disorders
"LiDIA: Listening iDentification and Instant Amplification"

LiDIA directly addresses the main limitations of current hearing screening and amplification techniques. Instead of using an expensive set of calibrated headphones, the screening takes place with a set of inexpensive headphones that can be left on the user for immediate amplification purposes, and the screening may take place in noisy environments.



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