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From the Director

As we gear up for the start of a new academic year, I want to first quickly reflect on the fiscal year that we recently completed. You can read more in the news item below, but I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate Pitt innovators for the perseverance they displayed in the face of the daunting challenges presented to them by the pandemic.


They forged ahead in their efforts to create impact for their work through the commercialization of their discoveries, launching 17 startup companies along the way aimed at fighting cancer, curing genetic diseases, creating bioengineered heart valves and much, much more.


I also want to thank the Innovation Institute staff for adjusting on the fly to a new work environment while continuing to provide the best service and support possible to keep the delivery of our commercialization programs and services operating smoothly.

Looking forward, we are excited for the opportunities in the year ahead. We have several educational, partnership and funding opportunities outlined below to assist faculty, student and staff innovators, whether they are just beginning their commercialization journey, or are already well along the path to impact.

Here’s to another fantastic year of discovery and impact.



Evan Facher

Featured Innovators
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Commercialization and Funding Opportunities
Featured Technologies


Pitt Innovators Produce Strong Year of Commercialization Impact
Despite the obstacles presented by the pandemic, Pitt innovators managed to continue making progress in translating their ideas from the lab or the classroom to the market.
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Three Projects Selected for Chancellor's Gap Fund
The Chancellor's Gap Fund was reauthorized to provide funding to promising innovations that need to achieve critical milestones in order to attract interest from industry or investors.
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First Gear Teams Eager to Move Their Innovations Forward
Pitt innovation teams proposing solutions ranging from improved diagnosis and treatment of cranial aneurysms to a more efficient and user-friendly system for performing endoscopic surgeries spent the first half of the summer determining if their discoveries have the potential to translate from the lab to the market where they can improve, or even save lives.
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Featured Innovators
20210719_ta_Alex Soto-Gutierrez_0045-1

Even as he was performing liver transplants, Ira Fox was working towards the day when failing organs could be treated with new cell-based therapies. That days is getting closer after he and his co-founders Alex Soto-Gutierrez and Alina Ostrowska have launched Pittsburgh ReLiver Inc. to advance their discoveries toward the market.

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Upcoming Events
Ascender Pitch Watch Party
Watch, critique, and learn from startup pitches while noshing on some popcorn with other members.
5 - 6 p.m.
Startup Licensing 101: Negotiate the License
Osage Partners present the final installment of a 5-part series on university technology licensing.
12 p.m.
RustBuilt Conference 2021

Get inspiration from startup founders from seed stage to IPO sharing their stories.

8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Kelly Strayhorn Theater
5941 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Commercialization Opportunities
Determine the Commercial Potential of Your Innovation With Pitt Ventures First Gear
First Gear Quote---Lebovitz
The First Gear program pairs your innovation team with an experienced business mentor who can help you determine the value your innovation can provide to potential customers. It's a great way to begin your commercialization journey.
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Center for Medical Innovation Announces Early-Stage Medical Technology R&D Pilot Funding


CMI is seeking to fund projects in early stage of development with the goal of creating prototype or beta products that can leverage the funding to obtain additional support from other on or off-campus sources. Examples of projects include systems, materials, or devices for the improved diagnosis or treatment of disease. 

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BioMarin Seeks Proposals to Collaboatrate on Treatments for Rare Genetic Diseases
Medical woman measuring liquid in erlenmeyer in lab

BioMarin, a California-based biotechnology company, is looking to fund scientists who are developing innovative therapeutic approaches and enabling technologies that correct the underlying molecular defect in genetic-based rare diseases.

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  Featured Technology Collection

Healthcare AI

Confident male designer working on a digital tablet in red creative office space
US healthcare is undergoing a rapid evolution with a renewed focus on improving healthcare at a reduced cost through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive new and important insights from the vast amount of data generated during the delivery of health care every day.
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