BACK OF THE MENU Competition

Have an appetite for creativity or marketing?  Create a marketing campaign & win up to $1000 plus Five Guys gift cards!

The Innovation Institute is taking applications for a marketing competition!  Students will submit their marketing idea to increase the number of applicants for a university innovation competition.



1st Place - $1000 plus $250 Five Guys Gift Card
2nd Place - $500 plus $100 Five Guys Gift Card
All Semi-finalists (5) - $50 Five Guys Gift Card

  • Open to all Pitt students. 
  • One submission per team. 
  • Teams can consist of one or more students. (One prize will be awarded per team.) 
  • Brainstorm your best marketing ideas on how to increase the number of applicants to the Pitt Ventures Michael G. Wells Student Healthcare Competition and the Kuzneski Innovation Cup
    • How would you encourage students to apply to a university innovation competition and how would you market it to them? 
    • How would you overcome students' possible objections or barriers to participating in an innovation competition? 
    • How would you generate awareness of a competition on campus and get students interested? 
  • Share your idea based on the guidelines below.
  • Submit an application by completing the form to the right on this page by January 23, 2018.
  • Turn in a Five Guys menu (with your full name and email on the back of it) to the Innovation Institute (130 Thackeray Ave) or hand it in at one of the tabling events.  
Tell us about your great marketing idea. Below are a few Questions to Get you started. Be as creative and specific as you can.
  • Target Audience
    • Who do you believe should get information on an upcoming innovation pitch competition?
  • Marketing materials you would create (flyers/videos/etc.)
    • e.g. A flyer that would promote registration
  • Social Media Strategy
    • Which social media platform(s) would you use? Why?
  • Partners
    • Would you partner with any other organization(s) to promote the pitch competition? If so, which one(s) and why?
  • Other Marketing Tools / Strategies
    • e.g. I’m going to hand out lightbulb shaped cookies at the WPU to promote innovation and the competition
  • Unique Selling Proposition
    • What is going to make your campaign stand out from the others?


  • Semi-finalists will be chosen from the applicants and notified. (February 6, 2018)
  • Semi-finalists will prepare a presentation to sell the judges on their marketing idea and finalists are announced. (March 7)
  • Finalists will be given further instructions/coaching on how to implement and execute their marketing plan. (March 7-22)
  • The team to get the most qualifying applicants for the pitch competition will win! (Winners announced May 11, 2018.)

DEADLINE: January 23, 2018

This Back of the Menu Competition is sponsored by the Innovation Institute, Laurie and Andy Kuzneski and the Oakland Five Guys restaurant.

Register Here: