A course for scientists, physicians, and graduate students who want move laboratory discoveries to the marketplace for the benefit of patients and others. To register please fill out the form below.

12 weeks starting in January every year.

The 2016 course is closed for registration.

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Course Summary

“From Benchtop to Bedside,” known as B2B, is a 12-week course designed to give research scientists, clinicians, and other interested parties the basic information necessary to assess the market potential of basic science research discoveries in healthcare.

The course will help scientists understand the focused development of additional information, including proof of concept and validation experiments that increase the value of the technology and reduce the investment risk. The course will also give scientists insight into how intellectual property creates a barrier to entry for the competition, and the fundamentals of investment from the private sector to help finance the climb over regulatory hurdles and meet developmental milestones.

The course consists of a series of seminars to identify the steps necessary to move a scientific or clinical discovery from the laboratory to the patient.

Topics covered include how to:

  • recognize the commercial potential of a scientific discovery
  • protect the intellectual property
  • disclose the invention to the university
  • initiate the university licensing process
  • talk with customers and potential users of the innovation
  • conduct validating experiments
  • navigate the regulatory and reimbursement pathways
  • clarify the scientist’s expected role and responsibilities as the process moves forward through clinical development


This course is taught by Babs Carryer, director of education and outreach for the Innovation Institute, who is an entrepreneur and educator with many years’ experience.

Guest speakers

The course has hosted many seasoned speakers and experts. Past speakers include:

Barbara Barnes, MD; Associate Vice Chancellor, Continuing Education and Industry Relationships for the University of Pittsburgh and Vice President, Sponsored Programs, Research Support, and CME for UPMC

Eric Beckman, PhD, George Bevier Professor of Engineering, co-Director of the Mascaro Sustainability Initiative, co-founder and Senior Scientist at Cohera Medical

Dottie Clower, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer atCohera Medical

Chad Coberly, JD, MBA; Vice President of Clinical, Regulatory and Legal Affairs at Cohera Medical

Carolyn Green, CEO Atreaon and Entrepreneur-in Residence, Morningside Ventures

Marc S. Malandro, PhD, CLP, RTTP, Founding Director Innovation Institute

Bob Marshall is the Director of Growth for Regulatory & Quality Solutions

Larry Miller, MBA, Executive-in-Residence at Innovation Works

David Smith, JD, lawyer with Pepper Hamilton

Jenifer Slinskey Tarasi, JD, Associate Director, Intellectual Property, Office of Technology Management

David Wehrle, CPA, founding director, Conflict of Interest Office (COI)


(from 2015)

“It’s a great experience to take this course. In this class we learned, made good friends, formed a team, and grew our ideas!”

“[The best thing about this course was] hearing from the people who have actually gone through this process and share real-world experience”

“[Babs is] always inspiring. Great lectures and insight into the matter.”

(from 2014)

“The entire course was fantastic and I really learned a lot.”

“The best thing about this course is Babs and the opportunity to directly interact with people who could actually move your product forward.”

“I really enjoyed everything that we learned about the business aspects of healthcare.”

“I thought it was all great. The presentations, pitching and learning about business models were the best parts.”

“The course teaches you how to navigate the process of starting a company, and highlights the risks and rewards that accompany it.”